Regional Dengue Situation

Laos: Zero Dengue-related fatalities in first week of 2020

As of end January 2020, Lao PDR has reported 285 dengue cases, with zero deaths. In 2019, the country reported 38,753 cases.

Singapore: Weekly cases are expected to go up due to the uprising of DENV-3

The weekly cases had been rising steadily since mid-December 2019, peaking at 404 cases in mid-January 2020. There were 2,894 cases in the first eight weeks of 2020, which is higher than the cases recorded in the first eight weeks of past three years. The National Environment Agency raised the possibility of an outbreak due to DENV-3 in 2020. The country reported 15,999 dengue fever cases in 2019 - the highest dengue tally in 3 years.

Philippines: Dengue in a downward trend in 2020

As of 7th February 2020, Philippines reported a cumulative 15,817 dengue fever cases, including 45 deaths, 42 percent lower as compared to the 27,245 cases of the same period in 2019. In 2019, the archipelago reported 420,453 cases including 1,607 deaths. This is higher compared to 241,707 cases including 1,210 deaths reported during the same period in 2018.

Thailand: Dengue fever outbreak continues from 2019

As of 11 February 2020, Thailand reported 2,097 cases. According to health officials, 128,964 cases were reported in 2019. Over 110 associated fatalities have also been confirmed.

Cambodia sees six-fold increase in dengue cases in 2019

As of 25 January 2020, Cambodia reported approximately 330 cases. The country reported approximately 65,000 cases of dengue in 2019. This represents a six-fold increase compared with the same period in 2018 when 9,885 cases were reported.

Vietnam: Number of dengue fever cases reported in 2019 was a significant increase compared to 2018

As of 14 December 2019, there have been a total of 320,702 cases with 54 deaths reported, a 2.5-fold increase compared to the same period in 2018 of 126,682 cases including 17 deaths.

Sri Lanka: Dengue cases higher in January 2020 as compared to previous year

According to the Epidemiology Unit, Ministry of Health, a total of 10,089 dengue cases have been reported from the country January 2020. This figure is higher than the 5,580 cases reported in January 2019.

India: More than four-fold rise in dengue incidence in Karnataka

India reported 136,422 cases nationwide as of end November 2019.

Bangladesh: Zero Dengue-related fatalities in first two weeks of 2020

Since the beginning of 2020, Bangladesh has reported 244 dengue cases. Bangladesh experienced a massive dengue outbreak last year, with 101,354 cases that claimed 164 lives.

Taiwan: Imported cases reported in first month of 2020

As of 26 January 2020, the CDC Taiwan has confirmed a total of 22 cases of dengue fever, all of which were imported cases.

Malaysia: Weekly cases remain comparable to those in 2019

The cumulative number of cases reported as of 8th February 2020 is 18,473, including 19 deaths. This is marginally higher compared to the 17,971 cases reported during the same period last year. Malaysian health authorities have reported a record season for dengue fever in 2019. According to official data, 130,101 dengue cases and 175 deaths were reported by December 28 2019, well above the previous highest (120,836 cases) recorded in 2015. Sarawak state saw a more than 200 percent increase in dengue in 2019.

Pakistan: Number of dengue cases exceeded 50,000 mark in 2019

According to the national institute of health, Pakistan reported 106 cases of dengue in 2020. In 2019, over 53,600 cases of dengue, including 95 deaths, were reported across the country. Karachi (15,288 cases), Rawalpindi and Islamabad (21,006 cases) accounted for the bulk of the recent cases. Among 95 deaths reported in 2019, most were reported in Sindh (46 deaths) and Punjab (45 deaths).

Nepal: Dengue cases and deaths in Nepal was alarming in 2019

Nepal has become victim to the deadly dengue epidemic, which has caused 14,662 cases as of 10 November. The worst affected areas are Chitwan, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. There were six reports of deaths in 2019.

Myanmar: Dengue deaths rose to 123 in 2019

According to the Ministry of Health and Sports, 23,203 cases (inclusive of 123 deaths) have been reported in the country by end November 2019. The infections mostly occurred in Kachin state, Yangon, Ayeyarwady, Mandalay and Sagaing regions. Among them Kachin state topped with 4,222 cases and 30 deaths, followed by Yangon region with 2,804 cases and 33 deaths.

Maldives: 4,984 cumulative cases for 2019

s of 31 December 2019, the number of dengue fever cases registered in the Maldives is 4,984.

Indonesia: Dengue cases in a downtrend in 2020

The Indonesian Health Ministry has recorded a total of 17,820 cases of dengue fever since the beginning of this year, with at least 104 fatal cases nationwide. The worst affected areas are Lampung province with 3,431 cases, followed by 2,732 cases in East Nusa Tenggara. The number of nationwide dengue fever cases from January to March 11 this year is smaller than in the same period last year when there were about 52,000 cases and 439 deaths. During the first 10 months of 2019, Indonesian health officials reported 110,921 cases of dengue fever.

China: Dengue cases increased in 2019

In December 2019, 268 dengue cases were reported in China. The number of cases reported kept the equivalent level compared to the previous years and shows a decreasing trend since September.
Data sources: Media releases; updated on 13/03/2020

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