Regional Dengue Situation


As of 22 August 2023, a total of 102,191 confirmed cases of dengue and 234 deaths have been reported.


As of 29 August 2023, 11,824 cases and 32 deaths (Case Fatality Rate (CFR) 0.27%) were reported to the National Dengue Surveillance System in Cambodia. This is higher compared to 4,985 cases and 11 deaths in 2022 over the same period.


As of June 2023, 104 dengue cases have been reported in China.


As of 5 August 2023, 16,413 dengue cases and 12 deaths were reported. This is a 17.5% increase compared to the 13,967 cases reported during the same period in 2022.


As of 5 August 2023, 71,193 dengue cases and 49 deaths have been reported. This is a 118.9 percent increase compared to the same period in 2022 (38,672 cases and 22 deaths).


As of 15 July 2023, 6,685 dengue cases and 30 deaths were reported.


As of 27 August 2023, 20,145 dengue cases and 13 deaths have been reported.


As of 15 July 2023, 80,318 dengue cases and 299 deaths have been reported. The number of cases is 17% lower compared to the same period in 2022 in which 96,500 cases and 405 deaths were reported.


As of 26 August 2023, 5,932 cases of dengue have been reported.

Sri Lanka

As of 26 August 2023, 61,225 dengue cases and 38 deaths have been reported in Sri Lanka. The National Dengue Control Unit says the number of dengue cases recorded in the month of August is the lowest, compared to the months from January to July. Colombo District has seen an uptick of dengue patients this year, and the figure has soared to 13,053. Meanwhile, Gampaha District has seen a total of 12,963 infections, with Kandy and Kalutara districts recording 4,976 and 3,949 respectively.


As of 30 August 2023, the CDC Taiwan has reported 741 cases of dengue fever, out of which 129 are imported cases from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Maldives, Laos, Singapore, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar and South Korea.


As of 6 August 2023, Vietnam has reported 57,698 dengue cases and 14 deaths. Compared to the same period in 2022 (149,855 cases and 81 deaths), the number of cumulative cases nationwide decreased by 61.5%.

Data sources: Media releases; updated on 30/08/2023

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