Regional Dengue Situation

Bangladesh: Dengue cases approaching 10,000

As of 20 August 2021, 7,251 patients have been diagnosed with dengue, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). The number of dengue-related deaths stands at 31.


As of 12 August 2021, 929 cases and two deaths have been reported.


As of 12 August 2021, 24 cases have been reported.


As of 19 August 2021, 14,044 cases, including four deaths have been reported.


As of 12 August 2021, 652 cases have been reported.

Malaysia: Decrease in Dengue cases in 2021 compared to 2020

As of 6 August 2021, 16,565 dengue cases have been reported compared to 63,988 in the same period in 2020 (74.1% reduction). The average weekly dengue cases reported so far is 534 cases a week, compared to 1,700 a week in 2020 and 2,500 a week in 2019. The number of deaths due to dengue till today stands at 10, compared to 106 in the same period last year.


As of 15 August 2021, 101 cases have been reported.


As of 14 August 2021, 2,715 cases have been reported


As of 3 July 2021, 32,555 dengue cases, including 119 deaths, have been reported.

Singapore: Dengue cases approaching 4,000

As of 28 August 2021, 3,991 dengue cases have been reported.

Sri Lanka: Dengue cases surpassed 10,000 mark

According to the Epidemiology Unit, Ministry of Health, 11,805 dengue cases have been reported as of 30 August 2021. Batticaloa in the Eastern Province and Colombo in the Western Province saw the most number of cases.

Taiwan: Seven cases of Dengue fever are imported as of August 2021

As of 29 August 2021, the CDC Taiwan has reported seven cases of dengue fever. All were imported cases from Philippines (n=2), Cambodia (n=1), Vietnam (n=3) and Indonesia (n=1).

Thailand: Dengue cases approaching 10,000

As of 18 August 2021, the number of dengue patients nationwide stands at 9,878, with 4 deaths, according to the Department of Disease Control (DDC). In addition to Bangkok, the other provinces with the highest infection rates include Ranong, Nakhon Pathom, Mae Hong Son, and Rayong.


As of 1 August 2021, 43,028 dengue cases, including 13 deaths have been reported.

Data sources: Media releases; updated on 01/09/2021

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